Illustrate the whole process to see how raw materials are transformed into apparel step by step!

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Illustrate the whole process to see how raw materials are transformed into apparel step by step!

A few years ago, when we want a new apparel in our daily life, we only need to go to the mall to choose from a wide range of styles. And now, through online shopping, we can get the new clothes delivered to our door without leaving the house. Do you guys know how a piece of cloth is produced? What exactly did the blossoming white cotton go through to become such beautiful and fashionable clothes? Let's follow below to see the whole process of a piece of clothing production!

Spinning process: blossoming cotton to yarn to show how is cotton manufactured

1.Blossoming white cotton as below

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2.Cotton Wadding after processing to remove the seeds

how is cotton manufactured

3.Cotton cleaning process: impurity removal, cotton blending and rolling

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4.Carding process: decompose the cotton lump into a single fiber to improve the straight and parallel state of the fiber

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5.Rolling process: merging and drafting to improve the straightness and equality of the fibers into the small rolls of specified length and weight.

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6.Combing process: further remove neps, impurities and fiber defects in the fiber, eliminate short fibers below a certain length, improve the length uniformity and straightness of the fiber, and draw the sliver to a certain thickness.

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7.Drawing process: drawing and thin-stretching the fiber, then mixing and forming into sliver.

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8.Roving process: The sliver is evenly drafted, elongated and thinned, and the drafted sliver is properly twisted to make the yarn have a certain strength.

manufacturing process of cotton fabric

9.Spinning process: drafting, twisting, winding and finally forming.

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10.Winding process: winding and forming, winding the bobbin (thread) into a bobbin with large capacity, well-formed and certain density, and remove some defects and impurities on the yarn to improve the quality of the yarn.

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11.Twisting process: Twisting, using two or more single yarns, after merging, twisting to make a strand with high strength and good structure, and then winding the twisted strand on a bobbin which the pipeline is of a certain size and shape to be convenient for handling and subsequent processing.

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12.Yarn-shaking process: The yarn (thread) wound on the package is shaken into a hank (thread) according to the specified length, which is convenient for packaging, transportation and process processing.

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13.Packaging process like below

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Weaving or knitting process: yarn become to be grey cloth

1.Warping: a one-step process of converting the original yarn (package yarn) into a warp yarn (BEAM) through the creel, which is divided into three types: original yarn warping, colored yarn finishing and partial warping.

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2.Yarn Sizing: After sizing and warping, BEAM or dyed BEAM (warp beam) is hung on the creel of the sizing machine, passing through the sizing liquid in the sizing tank → cylinder for drying → creel dividing and Layering→Integrate into woven or knitting BEAM.

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3. Drawing-in: The sizing yarn passes through three accessory parts, such as warp drop, heald and steel reed, to facilitate the weaving or knitting of warp drop: one of the induction devices to prevent warp yarn from breaking, and the induction can be completed with the warp bar.

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4. Weaving or knitting: the shaft yarn that has been drawn through is hung on the loom through the load of the locomotive to do weaving or knitting

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5. Finished grey cloth

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6. Dyeing into finished fabric

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Making into apparel from fabric

1.Clothing design by clothing designer

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2. Pattern design: Enlarge or reduce the drawing of the standard pattern, which is called "pattern grading".

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3. Production preparation: necessary inspection and testing of fabrics, accessories, sewing threads and other materials required for production, pre-shrinking and finishing of materials, sewing and processing of samples etc.

4. Cutting process: cutting fabrics, linings and other materials into garment pieces according to patterns

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5. Sewing process: each piece of clothing is sewing together to combine into apparel.

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6. Ironing process: After the garment with private label is made, it is ironed to achieve the ideal shape and make it beautiful.

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7. Custom made garment quality control: Research the quality problems that may arise during the processing of products and do necessary quality inspection based on AQL standard.

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8. Post-processing: Post-processing includes packaging, storage and transportation, and is the last process in the entire apparel manufacturing process.

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