The Ways To Make Garments In Colors

  • 2020-09-30 13:39:11

The ways to make garments in colors

Along with Human development, garments are getting more and more colorful. There are several ways to make garments in colors.

1. Dyeing the fabrics or the garments directly by vat

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It's the common way to get the garments colored. Normally use the yarns in nature color to weave or knit into fabrics or garments directly (like seamless yoga set or seamless underwear), and then use dyes to dye the fabrics or garments in any customized colors, all the yarns knited or woven into the fabrics or garments are absorbed the dyes well in vivid colors, but only can be in solid colors or melange colors. There are many fabric dyes, different dyes are used on different kinds of fabrics, like using reactive dye for cotton fabrics, cationic dyes for polyester blend or nylon blend fabrics to get mélange colors etc..

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2. Use Yarn dye fabrics to make the garments in color

In this way, need to dye the yarns in colors at first, and then knitting or weave into fabrics in multi-colors, and then cut and sew into garments. Like below popular yarn dye mens striped underwear, womens striped bikini set, women striped sports bikini set

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3. Printing on fabrics or garments

Printing is getting more and more popular these years. In this way, we can do any printing in the fabrics or garments as we want. It need to make the fabrics or garments at first and then do the printing on them as per print artworks. We have many many print patterns for customer selecting, we also can make print as per customized print patterns.

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Re the print, there are different printing ways, the common ones are digital printing or traditional printing. Normally make fabric in nature white and then do printing on them. In this way, the fabrics can be printed any artworks on. But as printing is not like dyeing, only the surface of fabrics get printed, the back of fabrics are still in original nature white, so there is white background exposed issue after extending the fabrics more or less, even in traditional printing way. In hence, to solve this issue, some customers prefer to take extra cost to dye the fabric by vat at first, and then do the printing on the fabrics, but in this way, the printing colors need to be lighter than dyeing colors, so print artworks are limited.

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4. Cut the fabrics in different colors and then sew the cutting into garments

For a garment, there are several cutting pieces to sew together. So, sometimes, customers use different fabrics in different colors or printing for different cutting pieces to sew into a garment which make garment in multi-colors to get the stylish effect, such as below full coverage underwire bikini set, women's rash guard bikini set

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There are other ways to make garments colorful, like recent popular tie dyeing, which actually belong to the 1st way. Below are some tie dye apparel for reference, like colorful yoga set, high quality bikini set, rainbow panties etc..

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