• Epidemic Prevention And Control Notification To All Employees At ACTEX For CNY Holiday
    Epidemic Prevention And Control Notification To All Employees At ACTEX For CNY Holiday
    • January 13, 2021

    Due to the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control,relevant government departments called "Do not encourage gatherings; Stay in the building for the New Year!". ACTEX as one leading apparel manufacturer in apparel manufacturing industry at Xiamen, actively respond to the call and notified all employees below on Jan 13, 2021. 1. The company originally planned to hold the end of February  cancel. 2. Encourage all employees to stay in the building for the New Year, reduce unnecessary trips and gatherings during holidays, and advocate not leaving the building if not necessary, and celebrating festivals on the spot, so as not to leave the country if not necessary. 3. During the vacation, if there are employees who travel to a medium or high risk area unnecessarily and cause the isolation after returning to company or factories, in punishment, we will not pay wages to these employees during their isolation. 4. The above, hope everyone knows and implements it, thank you for cooperation. Furthermore, in order to further enhance the results of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the Xiamen government's subdistrict headquarters for epidemic prevention and control decided to provide free nucleic acid testing to all employees of ACTEX enterprise. In this way, ACTEX, as one of undergarment suppliers, bulk swimwear suppliers and wholesale activewear suppliers, can make sure every employee work in good environment COVID-19 free and give better services to the customers allover the world.

  • ACTEX General Manager Jeff Pan Common Social Platform Accounts
    ACTEX General Manager Jeff Pan Common Social Platform Accounts
    • January 07, 2021

    Good News! Good News! Jeff Pan, ACTEX General Manager, his common social platform accounts are basically completed. As one leader of an experienced manufacturer of underwear, eco friendly swimwear and fitness wear manufacturer in China, Jeff work hard to lead ACTEX Industry Group step by step from 2003 to now, expanding to export 20 million US dollars of oem underwear and 15 million US dollars of summer swimwear and oem gym wear each year. And the factory also expanded, now up to more than 1,000 skilled workers. In order to provide better services to customers from all over the world, Jeff has improved his below common social platform accounts, to represent ACTEX to serve customers better and more conveniently. The details of each account are as follows: Website: Email:;; Mobile / Wechat / Whasapp: +86 18030017726 Skype: Jeff Pan Linkedin: Jeff Pan Facebook: Jeff Pan Twitter: Jeff Pan Welcome all customers of global clothing buying industry to contact. Sincerely hope that everyone is having or will have a wonderful 2021.

  • Snap Up The Train Tickets From Dec 30th, 2020 To Jan 08th, 2021 For Spring Festival Holiday
    Snap Up The Train Tickets From Dec 30th, 2020 To Jan 08th, 2021 For Spring Festival Holiday
    • December 28, 2020

    Snap Up The Train Tickets From Dec 30th, 2020 To Jan 08th, 2021 For Spring Festival Holiday 2021 Chinese New Year is coming soon. It's time to snap up the train tickets from Dec 30th, 2020 to Jan 08th, 2021 for Spring Festival holiday. Every year, before the Spring Festival, many Chinese people, especially the workers in the manufacturing industry, will experience at snaping up the train ticket crazily. Some people would worry about how to go home, because they forgot or failed to snap up the tickets. Some would have to put off going home, as they didn't grab the tickets they'd like. This year, the computer calendar has added an easy-to-go function. That is to say, mark with a striking orange icon of bullet train head on the corresponding dates from Dec 30th, 2020 to Jan 08th, 2021. This icon also remind users of the earliest train ticket that can be snapped up on that day. For example, people can grab the tickets of Jan 28th, 2021 on Dec 30th, 2020, and Jan 29th, 2021 on Dec 31st, 2020, and so on. It's quite convenient for the people who would like to go home for CNY holiday. AC TEX already informed this news to every employee of the underwear factory china and china apparel factory for swimwear and activewear, at once. The administrative department has also decided to remind all employees, about the earliest tickets that they can be snapped up each day from Dec 29th, 2020 to Jan 7th, 2021. For some employees who are not familiar with online shopping, the lovely administrative staffs will help them grab the tickets too. Love and Peace. As an experienced underwear manufacturer in china and fitness apparel manufacturer of swimwear and activewear, although there are still many orders for custom made underwear, swimwear, and fitness clothes are still being produced, our production management department has arranged the productin plan in order, which need to be completed before CNY. And each business department also has passed the estimated packing lists to the logistic department to book the vessels of the coming Jan and Feb in advance. Every employee of ACTEX is actively prepared every day, and doing our best to enable each order under controled well, and put the customers at ease during CNY. Fight.

  • Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX
    Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX
    • December 21, 2020

    Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX Today is the winter solstice, the twenty-second solar term of the twenty-four solar terms. This day is the shortest day of the year, and the shorter the day, closer to the north. This does not mean that the temperature is the lowest. According to the Chinese yin and yang theory, the winter solstice is the day when the yang(sun) regenerates, so it is also called the beginning of the new year. Therefore, although the Chinese lunar calendar is only considered the new year after the New Year's Eve, in fact, according to tradition in China, the winter solstice day is actually called Xiaonian, the beginning of the new year. After eating dumplings or glutinous rice balls, people will be one year older. Hence, many children who don't want to grow up, deliberately skip dumplings or glutinous rice balls on that day. They think that in this year, they would never have grown! Regarding the traditional food on the winter solstice day, the representative food is dumplings in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south. Our AC tex, one of underwear manufacturing companies, bathing suit manufacturer, gym wear manufacturer, is at Xiamen, the southern of China, so we eat traditional red glutinous rice balls in the morning. In southern Fujian, we will also make a lot of delicious food to worship our ancestors and gather together to eat at night and make a wish to have a better future! On the winter solstice day, have you eaten hot glutinous rice balls or dumplings? Have a wonderful coming year.

  • Pantone Released The Top Ten Popular Colors Of 2021, Which One Do You Like?
    Pantone Released The Top Ten Popular Colors Of 2021, Which One Do You Like?
    • December 17, 2020

    Pantone's Top 10 Popular Colors For Spring And Summer 2021 Ten colors are quite rich and gorgeous, full of spring vitality 01 Marigold Marigold PANTONE 14-1050 TCX As the name suggests, it refers to the color of marigolds. More orange than yellow, lighter than orange. Marigold orange with higher saturation, full of vigor and vitality. Marigold orange costumes show great brilliance, low-key yet vigorous. It is also our favorate color, we use the orange color mostly in ACTEX office, logo and website: 02 llluminating bright yellow PANTONE 13-0647 TCX If orange gives people vitality and warmth, then the yellow is an optimistic and pleasant visual sense. And the matching of bright yellow on clothing or fashion designer swimwear make the whole person look more energetic. And on the color of the poster, the combination of yellow and gray tones is more pronounced. The liveliness conveyed by the picture will be stronger. We also can get the inspiration from below famous creative picture of yellow banana and grey tape, to make ladies fashion underwear and fashionable swimsuits. 03 Cerulean light gray blue PANTONE 15-4020 TCX This light blue gives a sense of calm and cooling, used in interior design to make it more spacious. And the use in clothing or intimate underwear, cool feeling is more pronounced. It's a color suitable for summer. 04 French Blue PANTONE 18-4140 TCX Compared to the light gray blue above, french blue will be more stable visually, gives a sense of elegance and luxury. 05 Green Ash PANTONE 13-0117 TCX Fresh and natural grayish green, very close to mint green, gives a relaxing and soothing visual sense. Whether it is used in clothing or graphic design, this green will give people a unique sense of shine. 06 Mint PANTONE 16-5938 TCX Mint color can be said to be a low-key bright color, close to natural color, present a sense of youth with a fresh style 07 Burnt Coral PANTONE 16-1529 TCX This color in a warm hue, rich retro, giving people a sense of tenderness, pretty warm colors for custom made lingerie, custom one piece swimwear. 08 Amethyst Orchid Amethyst Orchid PANTONE 17-3628 TCX Purple itself gives a sense of mysterious romance. Its color scheme is also very flexible. For example, below seamless gym set with purple contrast color, outstanding and romantic. 09 Rust PANTONE 18-1248 TCX Inspired by the brown of the earth, symbolizing autumn leaves. In various popular colors, form a strong visual contrast. 10 Raspberry Sorbet PANTONE 18-2043 TCX Rose red with higher saturation, very eye-catching. In addition to the top ten popular colors in spring and summer 2021, Pantone also posted five classic colors for Spring and Summer 2021 Inkwell ink blue Pantone 19-4016 TCX Ultimate Gray Pantone 17-5104 TCX Buttercream cream white Pantone 11-0110 TCX Desert Mist Pantone 14-1127 TCX Willow Green Pantone 16-0632 TCX The above is the latest release by Pantone 10 popular colors + 5 classic colors, which one do you li...

  • China Clothing Textile Accesories EXPO Online ACTEX ECO Friendly Clothing Manufacturer
    China Clothing Textile Accesories EXPO Online ACTEX ECO Friendly Clothing Manufacturer
    • December 03, 2020

    China Clothing Textile Accesories EXPO Online ACTEX ECO Friendly Clothing Manufacturer Due to worldwide corona virus epidemic in 2020, the exhibitions or fairs are going to be online. After participating in the 128th Canton Fair online, ACTEX as eco friendly clothing manufacturer in China participated in the China Apparel Accessories Expo online from Nov 23 to Nov 27 for Australian market. As one of clothing apparel manufacturers of eco friendly womens underwear, eco friendly swimsuits and eco friendly yoga wear, our company exhibited the products and live stream in E area of INTIMATE & SWIMWEAR. Below are some pictures to share about the exhibition. Although there are not many visitors watching this online exhibition these days, we have also learned a lot of things. The online exhibition add MATCH MAKING function, which CANTON FAIR don't have, make us full of manufacturing experiene, possible to contact with our matching buyers directly to have more efficient communication. Next year, ISPO will be exhibited online too, like Canton Fair. Based on these online experience, hope ACTEX and buyers can have better connection online next year.

    • September 30, 2020

    128TH ONLINE CANTON FAIR - ACTEX 128th online canton fair from Oct 15th, 2020 to Oct 24th, 2020, totally 10days. This time, canton fair online website backstage is improved and added some new function, at least, we can communicate with the visitors directly. Besides, concerned about the jet leg, our sales team work hard this time to take alternating shifts to do our best to go 24hours live stream. In this way, buyers have more chance to visit our live room and communicate with us at their daytime. And our live room is almost same as 127th online canton fair, keep the warm and comfortable atmosphere, like at home. We also add some KT boards to show some parts of our underwear factory, swimwear and activewear factory in the live room, then the buyers can learn us directly. In future, we will upload some videos of 128th live stream to our youtube, and keep you posted the link.

    • September 30, 2020

    126TH CANTON FAIR -- ACTEX ACTEX take part in the 126th canton fair. To make sure buyers have better and comfortable experience in our booth, we ask our foreign designer to design our booth beautifully and unique. As our main exhibited products are mostly for ladies, so our booth is decorated with beautiful flowers at the center to the roof. The booth is warm and comfortable. And with our professional team, all our customers and exhibitors who visit our booth are in good mood and have a very pleasant and efficient communication.

    • July 08, 2018

    2018 ISPO SHANGHAI EXHIBITION - ACTEX We are going to share some photos of 2018 ISPO Shanghai exhibition which we take part in for swimwear and activewear. We decorate our booth simply, like in the gym, divide the booth into two parts, activewear part at left side and swimwear at right side. Although buyers are not as many as in ISPO Munich exhibition, but almost all the buyers who visit our booth start cooperate with us. We feel very lucky and thankful.

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