Home News Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX

Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX

  • December 21, 2020

Happy 2020 Winter Solstice Day from AC TEX

Today is the winter solstice, the twenty-second solar term of the twenty-four solar terms.

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This day is the shortest day of the year, and the shorter the day, closer to the north. This does not mean that the temperature is the lowest.

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According to the Chinese yin and yang theory, the winter solstice is the day when the yang(sun) regenerates, so it is also called the beginning of the new year. Therefore, although the Chinese lunar calendar is only considered the new year after the New Year's Eve, in fact, according to tradition in China, the winter solstice day is actually called Xiaonian, the beginning of the new year.

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After eating dumplings or glutinous rice balls, people will be one year older. Hence, many children who don't want to grow up, deliberately skip dumplings or glutinous rice balls on that day. They think that in this year, they would never have grown!

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Regarding the traditional food on the winter solstice day, the representative food is dumplings in the north and glutinous rice balls in the south. Our AC tex, one of underwear manufacturing companies, bathing suit manufacturer, gym wear manufacturer, is at Xiamen, the southern of China, so we eat traditional red glutinous rice balls in the morning. In southern Fujian, we will also make a lot of delicious food to worship our ancestors and gather together to eat at night and make a wish to have a better future!

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On the winter solstice day, have you eaten hot glutinous rice balls or dumplings?

Have a wonderful coming year.

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