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Pantone Released The Top Ten Popular Colors Of 2021, Which One Do You Like?

  • December 17, 2020
Pantone's Top 10 Popular Colors For Spring And Summer 2021

Ten colors are quite rich and gorgeous, full of spring vitality

01 Marigold Marigold PANTONE 14-1050 TCX

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As the name suggests, it refers to the color of marigolds.

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More orange than yellow, lighter than orange. Marigold orange with higher saturation, full of vigor and vitality. Marigold orange costumes show great brilliance, low-key yet vigorous.

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It is also our favorate color, we use the orange color mostly in ACTEX office, logo and website:

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02 llluminating bright yellow PANTONE 13-0647 TCX

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If orange gives people vitality and warmth, then the yellow is an optimistic and pleasant visual sense. And the matching of bright yellow on clothing or fashion designer swimwear make the whole person look more energetic.

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And on the color of the poster, the combination of yellow and gray tones is more pronounced. The liveliness conveyed by the picture will be stronger.

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We also can get the inspiration from below famous creative picture of yellow banana and grey tape, to make ladies fashion underwear and fashionable swimsuits.

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03 Cerulean light gray blue PANTONE 15-4020 TCX

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This light blue gives a sense of calm and cooling, used in interior design to make it more spacious.

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And the use in clothing or intimate underwear, cool feeling is more pronounced. It's a color suitable for summer.
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04 French Blue PANTONE 18-4140 TCX

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Compared to the light gray blue above, french blue will be more stable visually, gives a sense of elegance and luxury.

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05 Green Ash PANTONE 13-0117 TCX

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Fresh and natural grayish green, very close to mint green, gives a relaxing and soothing visual sense. Whether it is used in clothing or graphic design, this green will give people a unique sense of shine.

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06 Mint PANTONE 16-5938 TCX

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Mint color can be said to be a low-key bright color, close to natural color, present a sense of youth with a fresh style

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07 Burnt Coral PANTONE 16-1529 TCX

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This color in a warm hue, rich retro, giving people a sense of tenderness, pretty warm colors for custom made lingerie, custom one piece swimwear.

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08 Amethyst Orchid Amethyst Orchid PANTONE 17-3628 TCX

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Purple itself gives a sense of mysterious romance. Its color scheme is also very flexible. For example, below seamless gym set with purple contrast color, outstanding and romantic.

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09 Rust PANTONE 18-1248 TCX

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Inspired by the brown of the earth, symbolizing autumn leaves. In various popular colors, form a strong visual contrast.

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10 Raspberry Sorbet PANTONE 18-2043 TCX

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Rose red with higher saturation, very eye-catching.

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In addition to the top ten popular colors in spring and summer 2021, Pantone also posted five classic colors for Spring and Summer 2021

Inkwell ink blue Pantone 19-4016 TCX

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Ultimate Gray Pantone 17-5104 TCX

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Buttercream cream white Pantone 11-0110 TCX

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Desert Mist Pantone 14-1127 TCX

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Willow Green Pantone 16-0632 TCX

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The above is the latest release by Pantone 10 popular colors + 5 classic colors, which one do you like best?

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