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1. Choose products / Send tech-packs / Send original samples

You can choose products from ACTEX apparel manufacturer in China, or send tech-packs of your own designs of custom made apparel or send orginal samples to us to follow

2. Quotation

The quotation will be sent to you based on your request, your tech packs or your original samples in time. If prices are within your target, we go to the sampling stage.

a. pay sample fees

Development sample is free. But if there are too many development samples, it will take some cost for extra pieces.

For salesman samples, they will take 3 times of unit price for new clients for 1st order.

b. make samples
the samples will be made within 7-14 days based on your tech-packs or your original samples.
c. return sample fees after ordering
For the occasion of too many development samples, the sample fees will return after ordering.

3. Confirm the prices, lead time etc., Send the POs, Sign back the PIs

You check the quotations or samples, and finally confirm the prices, lead times etc., then place the orders and send the POs to us for checking, we will make the PIs accordingly and send them to you for your signature.

a. Pay deposit

After orders placed, deposit will be paid accordingly by you for processing bulk production.

4. Confirm the samples and materials

Before bulk production, all apparel samples (like proto types, size set samples, PP samples etc.) and material samples (such as fabric swatches, Labdips, accessory samples etc.) will be sent to you for confirmation.

5. Order materials

After confirming apparel samples and the materials' quality and labdips, we will purchase the bullk materials.

6. Confirm PP samples

When the bulk materials are ready, PP samples will be made accordingly and sent to you for approval.

7. Start bulk production

After the PP samples approved, we will start bulk production, like fabric cutting, sewing, packing etc.,

8. Inspection

Materials inspection: 

When bulk materials arrive at our warehouse, we will inspect the bulk fabric through fabric inspection machine based on 4 point system or 10 point system. We will do random inspection of the accessories and reject the defected ones.

Cutting pieces inspection:

For cuttings, our inspectors will check them one by one and pick out the defected ones.

Pre-production meeting:

Before sewing, in order to let our workers pay attention on every detail, we always have pre-production meeting. This makes bulk production smooth.

The first small lot of trial bulk:

At the beginning of bulk production, there will be small lot trial goods finished firstly for checking, which helps us improve quality for the whole orders.

Inline inspection:

During the bulk production, our QC will do inline inspection to control the quality.

Final inspection:

After bulk production finished, our QC and merchandisers will do final inspection based on AQL standard.

Inspection by customers or 3rd parties: 

If you require the inline inspection or final inspection etc., we can provide facility to your QC or 3rd party.

9. Shipment samples if request

If you need, we can send shipment samples to you before shipment.

10. Shipment

After final inspection passed, shipment will be arranged accordingly, the forwarders can be nominated by your side.

11. Payment and shipping documents

After shipment, balance payment will be paid by your side, and shipping documents will be issued and sent to you accordingly.

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