How To Choose Right Cup Types

  • 2021-02-02 16:52:09

Do you know how to choose right cup types? Different cup types are suitable for different breasts. Choosing the right cup type is helpful for breast development and maintenance.

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1/2 Cup Bra, Half Cup Bra, Half Coverage Bra

Feature: The cup is U-shaped (like below underwire push up bras which are made by bra manufacturer in china), which covers about half of the breast. It has even support. It is breathable, close-fitting, but does not show cleavage well. It is not suitable for people who are too plump.

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This kind of cup underwear is very suitable for clothes. Take off its shoulder straps to become a strapless underwear, and then you can put on some clothes that need to be worn out, like suspenders, evening dress with a neckline.

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3/4 Cup Bra, 3/4 Coverage Bra, Quarter Cup Bra

Feature: The cup type is L-shaped, which means that the cup is hung slightly obliquely, (as shown quarter cup bras in the picture), it wraps around 3/4 of the chest It has a strong supporting force, emphasizing lateral thrust and concentration, so that the breast naturally moves closer to the center. Sexy, charming, showing charming cleavage.

Any type of breast is suitable, especially those women who want to make the cleavage more obvious. The concentration effect of this cup bra is excellent, and it is very suitable to highlight the curve of the breast.

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5/8 Cup Bra, 5/8 Coverage Bra

Feature: Pure European cup shape, short ears at cup apex, front panel slightly flatter than 3/4 cup, like a "V" shape (show as picture ladies push up bras which are manufactured by china lingerie manufacturer), semi-obliquely wraps the breasts, and has a good centering effect and strong support.

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The cup shape is sexy, suitable for popular breast, especially for women with small breasts, it can make the breasts more concentrated and plump. You can put on low-cut clothes, tight clothes, fashionable clothes, big V-neck suits and evening gifts.

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Full Cup Bra, Full Coverage Bra

Features: The front panel is higher than 3/4 (as shown black push up bra in the photo, from ACTEX bra vendor), fully wraps the breasts, can maintain a stable and firm, comfortable, natural, and breathable wear. It is more suitable for women with full breasts, because this type of bra can contain all the breasts in the cup, can support the breasts, and has a gathering effect.

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