2021 And 2022 Fabric Trends: 8 Functional And Sustainable Fabrics For Sustainable Clothes

  • 2020-12-30 11:01:35

Sustainable clothes will be the focus in 2021 and 2022. Many international brands now tend to use functional sustainable materials to make their clothing collection. Functional sustainable clothings are not only include the production process of fabrics or trims, and the use of water-saving and energy-saving technologies, but also have strict requirements for the cleanliness of the clothing production process. It need to be environmentally friendly and meet human needs, but the premise is that they must be sustainable.

sustainable apparel industry

In the textile industry, there are many questions and discussions on the topic of sustainable development. Everyone has their own opinions. Here are some of the ideas we've learned and endorsed online:

Although Primaloft has developed Primaloft Bio which can be degradable 100% from the fiber production process to finished fabrics, but 100% degradable recycled fabrics does not seem to be easy to be popularize. In the market, most of recycled fiber can't be biodegradable 100%. It still need time to develop this technology and reduce the cost.

There are many kinds of materials that can be recycled, not only the plastic or metal, such as, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled silk etc., which also include some fiber materials composed of plastic waste or fiber waste.

How to reduce pollution during the production process of fabrics, trims and clothings is the most important: by using conventional fibers or plant dyeing to reduce the harmful effects on the environment in the fabric production process, using advanced workmanship to reduce wastage during the apparel production process, etc.

How to save resources in production is perhaps the most worth considering point in our textile industry: the advanced technologies in saving water and energy has yet to be developed.

Use natural fibers to achieve sustainable goals in the production process, such as organic cotton (The organic cotton bras and underwear are the trend.), merino wool (which can naturally provide more comfortable performance and sustainability, merino wool clothing gets more and more popular these years).

sustainable apparel manufacturing

Anyway, to advance with the times and do the right thing, the sustainable trend is overwhelming and require common efforts to develop.

As one of sustaninable clothing manufacturers, we listed the following:

8 functional sustainable fabric trends for AW21/AW22 fashion.

1. Fabric with water-based coating technology

Fabric with water-based coating technology, a finishing process based on textile chemicals with minimal environmental impact, is made of eco-friendly variegated fibers (similar to distant-dyeing and heather yarns). All waste fibers in the spinning mill can be reused. These fibers are mainly cotton, and also modal fibers, lyocell fibers, viscose fibers, wool, cashmere, linen, silk, etc.

sustainable fabric manufacturers

2. 100% biodegradable recyclable fabric.
Primaloft Bio, launched by Primaloft, the world's first 100% biodegradable, recyclable synthetic insulation fabric. When it is exposed to oceanwater, or landfill environments, it can be completely converted into water, methane, carbon dioxide and organic waste, without causing any harmful waste to the environments.

sustainability in apparel industry

3. Primary colors and nature
The primary colors make you closer to nature.The broken indigo jacquard fabric shows a very charming effect,this fabric contains two sustainable materials and processes. One is that the yarn is made of organic cotton; the other is the environmentally friendly weaving technology.

sustainable textile manufacturers

4. The comfort and beauty of wool
Merino wool has breathability, natural elasticity, odor resistance and eco-friendly at the same time; furthermore, it is natural, renewable and biodegradable. Merino wool athletic apparel is definitely good news for sportsmen.

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5. Shiny and reflective
Fabric add the reflective heat transfer printing on the surface, like reflective rainbow. When the light hits the fabric, it can reflect rainbow-like colorful light.

sustainable textile manufacturing

6. Multicolor fabric fashion

Multicolor yarn dye fabric or trims used on any kinds of apparel, as a sustaninable swimwear manufacturer, there are more and more colorful swimwear which ACTEX manufacture for worldwide customters.

sustainable apparel companies

7.Antimicrobial and insect-resistant fabre

Fabric with antibacterial metal fibre, such as Vollebak new all-metal jackets; Lululemon's Silverescent line uses x-static technology: inject 99.9 percent pure silver yarn fibers; Cotwsold Outdoor's Ayacucho uses benzolthrin, a pyrethroid derivative, for its vital protection against mosquitoes; Craghopper NosiLife insect-resistant clothing that resists 90 percent of mosquito bites.

sustainable clothing manufacturing

8. Ultra light thermal breathable fabric

At THE NORTH FACE exhibition in Munich, Germany, this year, TNF adopts aluminized filled pile tubes under windproof fabric to achieve the ultimate ultra-light, warm and breathable effect.

sustainable garment manufacturing

After reading the above fabric trends or patterns for AW21 and AW22, do you have any different opinions? Welcome to discuss more with us. Look forward to your recommends.

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