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Factory Overview 11 Digital Print Machines

  • November 09, 2020

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Digital Print Machines

There are many kinds of quality printed underwear, quality printed swimwear or quality printed activewear, they are very popular these years, and will keep popular in future. About printing, there are two printing ways, one is digital print, the other is traditional print.

Here is showing digital printing machines. There are too many advantages by digital print, it is convenient which no need to make print screen at first, and takes short time to make samples, and it can print any 3D artworks, and normally takes lower cost. That is why digital print getting more and more popular.

Traditional print has its own advantages. The printing colors can be more vivid than digital print, and after extenting the printed fabric, there is no white background exposed issue, as the printing is absorbed into the yarn a bit, not like digital print which is only printed at the surface of fabrics.

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